Water Leak, water heater, plumber, down the drain, toilet repair, garbage disposal, plumbing problems

12 Plumbing Problems That Can Drain Your Bank Account


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central air conditioner, air conditioning, AC unit, HVAC, air conditioner not working, air conditioning repair

5 Telltale Signs of an Air Conditioner Not Working Properly


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DIY plumbing, clean a garbage disposal, garbage disposal, garbage disposal cleaning, garbage disposal smell

5 Steps to Clean a Garbage Disposal and Make it Smell Great


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plumber, toilet, DIY plumbing, toilet repair, clogged toilet, running toilet

Simple DIY Toilet Repairs that You Can Master

Toilet repairs probably aren’t on your list of favorite things to do. After all, the toilet isn’t the prettiest component of your bathroom, but it’s certainly something you can’t do without.

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plumber, toilet, replacing a toilet, DIY plumbing

A DIY Guide for Replacing a Toilet

There are many good reasons for replacing a toilet, including:

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HVAC technician prepares to help homeowner decide to replace an air conditioner or repair it

10 Tips for Deciding to Replace an Air Conditioner or Repair It


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Woman using plunger to unclog kitchen sink after something wrong went down the drain

sink, drain, plumber, emergency plumber, clogged drain, toilet, down the drain

16 Things that Should Never Go Down the Drain or Toilet

Before you put anything down the drain remember, it could end up in your drinking water.

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How to Choose a Central Air Conditioner for Your Home

Illustration: Trane matched split system of (1) air conditioner, (2) indoor coils, (3) thermostat, and (4) furnace.

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Five Common Home Gas Leaks You Should Know About

You may have a gas leak in your home or beneath your lawn and not be aware of it until it’s too late. Gas companies are aware of thousands of leaks that go unrepaired because they present no immediate problem.

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How NOT to Choose a Plumber

How not to choose a plumber is as important as finding the one you want to hire.

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